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Chinese Conservation Education Trust Planting June 2017

Over forty Chinese volunteers from the Chinese Conservation Education Trust came to plant near Coromandel last Saturday. Fabulous weather, views and trees.Planters split into two groups, with the energetic ones taking the steep walk to Kauri Hill overlooking the harbour at Coromandel. The other members planted at the flat area developed by TCDC as a WW1 commemorative planting site.
Keith Stephenson of Adventure Racing Coromandel had arranged for lines to be cut through the bush, holes to be dug and the seedlings placed at both sites.
A collection was made in the bus on the way home and a very generous donation to Kauri 2000 was made.
CCET may be new to kauri planting but they have a tradition in conservation, their organisation having won a 2003 Green Ribbon award for raising awareness of environmental issues

.A new experience in NZ

Beautiful day ,enjoyed by all!

Health & Safety always important


News April 2018

Planting Day 9 June 2018 We would love to see volunteers plant kauri. Would you like a fun day out in the bush? Kauri 2000 Trust is looking for volunteer planters to help with planting kauri seedlings WHERE: Mynderman’s Hill site, Matarangi Reserve(between Kuaotunu...

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News March 2018

150 Kauri Trees to Celebrate Thames 150 Years. “What better way to mark the occasion than by planting these magnificent trees in the Kauaeranga Valley where they belong “says organiser Deborah MacDonald Brown, who has teamed up with Kauri 2000 and the Department of...

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Welcome to the New Year 2018

January 2018 The weather so far has been kind to the kauri, rain mixed with warm temperatures. We are preparing for planting early June 2018.  Our contractors will be busy with site preparation in the coming months.   Latest Kauri2000...

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June 2017 Planting

Superb day for planting We had a fantastic turnout for the weekend and the weather was great too!  Photos to come...  

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MBAS Planting 1 May 2017

MBAS Students Helping Kauri 2000 Mercury Bay Area School students from years 7 and 8 spent time in the bush on Blackjack Hill, Kuaotunu, on 30 May and 1 June. Teachers, parents, carers and volunteers coordinated what seemed like a military operation and the Kauri 2000...

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News May 2017

Planting Day for volunteers will be on Saturday June 10th. Please contact us via email info@kauri2000.co.nz for more information.   Latest Kauri2000 Newsletter

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News October 2016

Extensive site preparation was again done predominatly Tricky Trees, with the help of cutting a number of wilding pines this year. The appearance of the ridge for future plantings has changed remarkably. Once again we were blessed with perfect weather for our...

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