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Your donation can help us restore kauri to the Coromandel.

If you would like to help the work of the Kauri 2000 Trust you can:

  • Support our Kauri 2000 planting sites with your donation.
  • Order Kauri 2000 seedlings to be planted on public land for birthdays, Christmas, to remember a loved one or for your customers.
  • Set aside land under a QEII Covenant for a kauri grove
  • Become a Friend of Kauri 2000 read more
  • Help Kauri 2000 by distributing leaflets, preparing planting sites or planting and tending trees.


Seedlings to be planted on conservation land.
Your personal message will be added to the digital map with the tree planting details.
Donation I would also like to make a donation towards land clearing & other running costs of the Kauri 2000 Trust
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There is a maximum of 50 characters for the personal Digital Recognition message.

If you dont have a PAYPAL account, please click the button above to process this entry form then use direct credit with your internet banking to:

020496 0039813 00  –  Kauri 2000 Trust BNZ Whitianga 

Please use your name as per this donation form for the reference. Thank you

Any issues please email

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